Friday, July 11, 2008

Why Barack's flip flop troubles me so when there are other important issues

A couple of days ago, I sent Obama a tweet, asking him why he voted for the FISA bill. Its been over 48 hours now and no response. Which to some extent I expected, but there was that faint glimmer of Hope in me. The audacity!!

As I try to sort this out logically, I see there could have been 3 outcomes:

a) He has been very busy and does not have time to look at the direct tweets his followers send him
b) He does not want to answer, does not care, particularly if it is a difficult question.
c) He only uses twitter (other social networks) as an advertising medium

The day I asked him the question, Jesse Jackson said things he should not have said in an open mike, that took news media by storm and completely overshadowed the FISA vote story. Perhaps Jesse and Obama wanted it that way. Either way it worked, there were some rumblings on NPR about the vote, but that was it.

What ever his reason for not answering my question, item c. got me thinking about the use of social media. What do people use social media for? Could it be as an advertising media for their products?. In this case Obama has around 40K plus followers, if he wanted to sell soap, all he has to do is say, ah..I showered this morning before making my speech at the chicago Police Academy..That Irish Spring Soap, gave me the boost I needed to change today. You get the picture.

Here I am thinking, wow politicians could use this media as a polling mechanism to find out how they should vote on the senate floor. Or wow, they can feel the burden of Joe Average as he struggles on that line to get an Iphone, after having spent $5 on gas to get to the store and so on.

But I think I am wrong. I dont think Obama will ever answer my question. After all why should he. He is just wants to win this election just like McCain does. So come January when I wake up in the morning and the MAP shows mostly red, like it did 4 years ago, I wont be surprised one bit.

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