Friday, July 04, 2008

Collaborative Video Blogging

From the "Always full of Ideas" department:

8 people go on a journey, a vacation of sorts. Age ranges, 10 through 60. Some place exotic. As all trips go, of course we take pictures because we want to remember our trip, our journey to that exotic place. So why not do it right.

What does a camera at a wedding table signify?. It is inexpensive and disposable, where the participants at the table take pictures during the event. A collaborative photo journal of sorts that gives us a better collage if you will of what transpired. It is a better collection of memories taken from exponentially higher number of angles, than that of what the hired Photographer can take physically take by himself. In fact it was one such Photographer who thought of this idea of collaborative Journaling using that disposable camera. The folks at the table have to ONLY point and click. The idea is simple, easy to implement and therefore adoption came easy to the point where every wedding does it today. Brilliant!! as the guiness guys would say.

Extend this idea to our 8 people that go on a journey to an exotic place and then take it further. As a rule when we go on vacations to an exotic place we carry our camera. We tend to have one designated photo journalist for the trip. This designate is akin to the hired Photographer who provided the disposable camera's at the Wedding. What if he or she came up with a way that could get every one to participate in the photo journaling process? But instead of being just photographs, what if our method of chronicling was to podcast or video cast the journey?.

Remember the rules for successful adoption. It has to be simple, inexpensive and easy to implement. Just like the disposable camera at the Wedding table. If we were a student of Collaboration and Knowledge management, this can be a fascinating project of fairly significant proportions. Why? because the days of us just taking static pictures while on vacations might become a thing of the past. This might become as disruptive to Vacations as the internet perhaps.

Collaboration needs good facilitators, for this project we need a good facilitators who are also good story tellers, good Knowledge management experts who can elicit good story telling from the rest of the group. And finally she needs to be an innovater to turn this into a "disposable camera at the wedding table" sort of an idea.

A good innovator's quest most often starts with research, more research and then some more research. Today, research is easy thanks to the many innovators that gave us the internet, search engines, data mining and folks who share content.

In a nutshell, I am looking to create a SIMPLE INEXPENSIVE TEMPLATE for folks who go on exotic vacations, to photo journal from different angles (like our innovative hired photographer at weddings) using good story telling and podcasting.

Off to Kenya next Summer, but before I go, I need to become a innovator, collaborator, KM expert, and Great Story teller!!.

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