Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Kindness without expecting return

Winchell is a really nice neighborhood in Kalamazoo. It has all single family homes, families with children and if I were to try to characterize it, the tags would be: Middle to Upper Class, White Collar, Predominantly White, Well maintained yards with ownership age range between 40 and 50. To put it in perspective Frank Lloyd Wright designed parts of the neighborhood around Winchell around the 40's.

A great place for kids to grow up, as it is wooded, Close to the Winchell Elementary school, Woods Lake and overall a nice place.

Around 8PM last night we had visitors. A couple, age range 30 to 40, white female, the male had a darker complexion, could be Hispanic or partly black. They told us they had just moved in to the neighborhood, and this bizarre story:

Their names were Rochelle and Edmund. They had bough the house at 2228 Waite ave this week. Rochelle had a C-section this week and the hospital would not let the kid go home with them. Rochelle claimed she was a nurse, but the hospital made here take CPR lessons. Rochelle's sister who was house sitting the other two kids, left for Indiana with the kids and the car broke down on the highway. The banks are closed and they really need some money for gas.

My wife did not bat an eyelid, asked them how much they needed. Edmund said $30 would do. She went it and got the money and gave it to them. The couple said they would return the money when the banks opened this morning.

After they left, we had this sense that we just got panhandled. So we checked the address Edmund gave us and that realized, he either made a mistake on the address or he did some falsification.

The point of the story goes to, human decency. How often are we kind without expecting anything in return? If you as a couple are walking from door to door looking for money, that cannot be good by any standards. Who are we to second guess and see through falsehoods or truths.

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