Thursday, June 05, 2008

Smart folks leveraging Social Media networks for Upscale Customer Service

There are some smart folks out there leveraging social networks to provide customer service of a unique kind. The example I came across is a gentleman at Dell, who appears to be watching the social networks for any dell related questions and then finds you an answer, He also maintains a blog, that is actually a corporate blog with a personal brand.

The other end of the spectrum, I needed some Server power consumption data. Most of my research using google and similar search tools, generated a lot of noise, but nothing precise. I posted a request on Twitter. I got an answer in about 20 min. Sort of a global IRC. How cool is that?.

Here is a pull model for customer service: Search for all the complaints against your company's brand, and on various social networks, compile it and try to find the answer. You will make a lot of customers happy. Your Sr. Management will be happier.

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