Monday, June 23, 2008

Are you fit to join the club.

I noticed that the DSouza cousins group on facebook the otherday and saw a few familiar faces and names. I requested permission to join the group (as it is a restricted group), and received an email with two questions this morning.

1) Are you related
2) Are you cool

Since the email arrived this morning there has been a lot of mental chatter going on on how best to answer this. The first question, is a slam dunk, but the one on coolness, has me thrown for a loopty loop. Am I Cool?. Have I ever been Cool?. It should be a simple Yes or No, but why am I struggling with an answer?.

My 12 year old son is into being cool these days, and it manifests in many different ways. During the winter when there is a lot of snow on the ground, he would rather not wear snow pants because it would make him look less cool. He does not really mind being cold and wet in sub-zero tempratures.

Who decides on how cool one is?. I think I know the answer. Coolness should be the STATE of being where one is comfortable in any situation.

I am not, there fore, I will have to forgo joining the club for now!! Till then.........

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