Saturday, March 01, 2008

Man on a Mission - Flush out the Goons

They say you have to write a 1000 words a day if you are on a PhD track. I am going to try something different. One blog entry a day all geared toward my mission: "Flush out the Con's on the internet".

Eventually tie this into data mining, semantic web and let it autogenerate. So what is this all about:

The other day I was on ebay looking for an iTouch and came accross multiple entries for 0.99 cents. good deal, I said, how can I get one. This ended up being a pyramid scheme where you have to order one product offering and then you have to get 13 referrals. If the referrals all make an order, then you get your iTouch. It got me thinking how many more of these CON's are out there and is it possible to identify them so others benefit?.


The Flushing Internet CON's was born:

Here is the first one:

They require you to make a purchase, once you do they require you to have 13 referrals and each of the 13 have to purchase an offer!!.

Watch out for advertisments on ebay that tell you how easy this is.

Tomorrow's post: member incentive programs.

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