Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who Said Ducks Cant Dance?.

It is true that Ducks cant Dance, but they do Waddle and more importantly they know how to have fun. Perhaps they even drink?

And so it came to pass that last Weekend most of the D'Souza cousins (extended of course) met in Cleveland to celebrate Vinay and Angela's wedding. I had promised myself, I would keep up with the writing even if I were at the wedding, but good times prevailed, and the writing hit the dust.

These past few days, there has been a lot of email traffic with the trendy topics of discussion revolving around, the happy couple, contended parents and of course the duck footed D'Souza cousins. My take: they are not duck footed at all, there are some amongst the cousins who are way too good, making the rest of us look duck footed. But dancing lessons would be a good thing, No?

By Sunday morning, as each of the families started to leave for home, we all felt we should do this again. The place of choice appears to be North Carolina in June of 2009. On Tap: Dancing lessons, Cricket, sunshine on the beach and good food.

I wanted to leave you folks with my thoughts on the wedding:

The rehersal dinner on Friday night was great, loved the place, loved the food and most of all loved the company. Denzil, Ronnie and Lynn did a great job making sure no one was left behind. I know some of you thought the bus driver did not know what he was doing, but he got you there on time. The night before the wedding: We drank and sang and got security to visit us. Always a sign of a great party. The Roce: it is a tradition, a little messy for some but great for the rest. Aunty Celene, Jennifer, Yvette, Antoinette, George, your oveos are the best in the continental US. Loved you guys reading off the blackberry, shows we can be traditional and cutting edge at the same time. The Wedding: On time, short and sweet and that priest was good. The Choir deserves major kudos. You guys sounded so professional, it was truly a treat. Jim Bab and Willie Bab, I am sure were watching, truly proud of thier offspring. The Reception was a great party, great fun and lots of terrific dancing, we wished it did not end.

  • Vinay and Angela, you guys looked Marvellous, such poise and what great smiles.
  • Dawn and Jose, you have passed the milestone of milestones and you did it with grace and style. Now for those "grandchillen"
  • Sannu and Tom: You are the Smartest and cutest couple we know. You make us proud, and it is a pleasure to just hang around you guys. Remember your Mom and Dad want "grandchillen". I had this anecdote that I wanted to share about a goat who knocked down Sannu, when she was yeah tall in Salem. Not sure if anyone remembers, but Mom, Dad and I do. Sannu you were about 15 months old then.

  • Sydney, Sanjay, Anosh, Michelle and Liam (Angella's brother)
    reminded me of the good times we used have at various weddings many
    years ago. I still hear the pigs squealing at 5 in the morning, but
    what a great memory.

  • Maya was so excited weeks before we left for the wedding, she
    was excited to meet up with Merryl and have fun, it is nice to see
    cousins grow up.
  • My Brotha Denzil, thank you for being you. Thank you for all the hard work and thank you for getting us to the church on time.

  • Lynn and Peter, Great toast from Lynn, but then I dont think anyone expected anything less.
  • Aunty Celene, in a wedding steeped in tradition, it was fitting that you
    presided as the D'souza elder. Thank you for representing Mommy, I am
    sure she would not have it any other way. Shanti for the great konkani
    songs after the rehsersal dinner. I am amazed how well you remember all
    those songs and yes I will come for your Birthday if you invite me.

  • Eugie, Merv and Raju, it was great seeing you guys after 25+ years, I agree with Seema, Raj is the handsomest of the lot.
  • Geetha and Mario, it is always great to see you guys. You have great children and Jennifer owes Michelle big time.

  • Jennifer and Cyrus, you bring back memories of Chickamaglur, white house, the church next door and ofcourse Balehithlu estate.
  • Antoinette
    and George you guys are simply amazing, those are not just words. The
    roce and the Wedding would not have been the same without you guys.
  • Vernon and Carly, thank you for coming down and sharing. Hope you
    will continue to join the gang and keep up the traditon of good times
  • Yvette
    and Mike, You both were spectacular on the dance floor and your singing
    is out of this world, I am truly honored to have such great cousins.
  • Geraldine and Shaidan, You both just blew my mind, you have so much energy and such grace, it was a treat. Thank you.
  • Ronnie,
    Seema you are the coolest couple I know. More importantly, Seema what
    magic do you possess? the kids behave like angles when they are at your

  • Loy and Margaret, it was great seeing you after 20 years.
    Vivek this was our first time meeting, it is great to see the next
    generation kick into high gear.
  • Shayla, thank you for being there. Freeda has many reasons to be proud in you.

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