Saturday, August 02, 2008

Yesteryear pedagogy and his friend

Mr. Yesteryear pedagogy and his friend the right Rev. honorable Mob Mentality.

Yesteryear was a fried of mine. He came from a school where it was okay to have slaves and trade them. He also would burn loot and riot if you caricatured his strong beliefs and he had his faithful friend and preacher Mob Mentality to help him in his pedagogy. Wait that's not Yesteryear, that's this year, what am I thinking...

We need to have a course in how not to succumb to the pressure of Mob Mentality. What a novel idea, we need to have a pedagogy on how to think for ourselves.Here is a stinka, If we came to point where the Mob learned to think individually, would that be Mob Mentality as well?. hmm..

Home(less) thoughts...

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