Saturday, April 05, 2008

Whats the hoopla about FREE in the press these days.

The FREE Business model has been getting some press these past few days, so it is time I clarified where that rabble diverges from mine on the subject of FREE.

I don't have an issue with "Free" or "tending to free" in a competitive business model, after all if you can assure a level of quality and can do it cheaper, why not pass on the savings to the customer and increase your volume of sales and your customer base/loyalty. The issue I have is with the concept of FALSE advertising. If something is not FREE, don't call it that. If you call it FREE, I believe there should not be any strings attached. Don't expect anything in return, other than folks using your product, liking it and if they so choose they can show their gratitude in any form they CHOOSE to.

False advertising appears to be very pervasive in our culture. You see it entrenched in corporate America and in the Political process that we hold so dear. Candidates slamming one another to appeal to the masses appears to be an accepted form of our Genre these days. Is our collective conscience so scrambled that we need to slam our neighbors, brothers and sisters to get ahead?.

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